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About Me

My name is Meghan and I am a recent graduate of Western Michigan University. I have a bachelors in Digital Media and Journalism. While I studied that, I also minored in gender women's studies. I have a love for media and all of the creative opportunities within.

I aspire to be able to use my voice and creativity to change the world for the better, wether that be behind or in front of a camera, writing, reporting, influencing or simply walking down a street talking to strangers.

I am seeking a position in photography/videography editing, social media managing, journalism, public relations, content creation, or anywhere else your company can use me! I am young, ambitious, and driven to continue learning and growing within this world!

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My vision is to be able to create a career and a platform for myself to grow from and live a life full of spreading love, happiness, empowerment, and change through my work.

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To be surrounded by people with a similar mindset who believe in creating content that has impact, want to empower other with their work, and put in the time and effort to relay greatness. To find oppertunities to continue to grow and learn from others with varieties of background and knowledge.

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Northwest High School

⎼ Graduated 2018

⎼GPA 3.0


Jackson Legacy Scholarship 2018

Western Michigan University

-Digital Media & Journalism

⎼ GRADUATED December 2022

⎼GPA 3.2


Rising Senior Scholarship 2022

Dean's list 3 Semesters

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Personal Skills

Through education, experience, and self-exploration I have been able to aquire creative and non creaitive skills such as:

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  • Photoshop
  • Canva
  • Premier Pro
  • Lightroom
  • Social Media
  • Scheduling apps
  • Capcut
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  • Microsoft
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership
  • Story Telling
  • Flexibility
  • Adapting
  • Growth

  • Time managemet
  • communications
  • Teamwork
  • having fun with whatever I'm doing.
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Due to photographing and videographing my college sports teams. I also have experience with photoshop. I have grown my skills by experimenting as well as doing projects.


I have experiece using other video editig apps such as capcut. This is used to edit TikTok's and Istsgram reels as well as any creative vision I have.

Canva has been a newley aquired skill that I love so much. I use canva for social media posts, presentations, and to create mock projects.

Photo Projects:

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videography Project

Illustration of a Telephone
Instagram Outline Logo




(517) 539-4889